A Look Back at 2013

Like most people I'm sitting here reflecting on 2013 and pondering what may be in 2014. It's a little disheartening sometimes to look back on a whole year and measure it out in terms goals accomplished or not accomplished. I didn't complete any degrees in higher education, get a job promotion, run a marathon, run. at. all., didn't read my book list - or even half of it - I read 3 books...THREE - unless you count children's books, then I'm quite the reader, didn't travel to anywhere incredibly exciting, complete anything on my bucket list (I really need to make that list more realistic), haven't lost all the baby weight, didn't learn a new skill or hobby - unless you count taking 4 children to the grocery store without losing one a skill. I'm sitting here thinking "What did I do?"

I had a baby. A really, really sweet, happy, adorable baby girl. I spent the first 4ish months of the year pregnant and in a perpetual state of nausea, heart burn and back pain. I've spent the past 8ish months snuggling and feeding that sweet baby girl, watching her big brothers dote on her, watching her smile, learn to sit up, crawl, and stand up.

And she is one of the 4 greatest "accomplishments" of my life. 

I'm learning to measure my life in the moments that really matter. 

So here's to 2014 and the "ordinary" moments of motherhood it may bring. 


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