Going Soon!

We finally got our court date this week and bought our plane tickets. We go in July for our first of two trips and Kole comes home with us our second trip. It is so exciting to think that in just 3 weeks we will be with Kole. Pray that we would be a reflection of Christ's love to all we meet there and that we would have opportunities to build relationships with whoever comes across our path. Pray for Lane and Hudson as they will be staying with friends and relatives while we are gone. We have never left them for this long and it difficult for me to not worry about them.

Hopefully the next time this blog is updated it will be with pictures of Kole Isaiah Miles with his Mommy and Daddy.

Vote For Hudson!

Every week Parent Magazine selects at least 50 photos for their cover contest. A photo of Hudson was selected for this week. Vote for Hudson and if he is the number 1 photo this week he moves on to the semifinals. The winners get to be on the cover of Parent Magazine. I say it is about time they had a real cutie on the cover. I am not certain, but I do not think they have ever chosen a child with Down Syndrome for their cover before.

Click on this link and VOTE FOR HUDSON!

Correction: There are at least 4000 pictures and Hudson is #155 today (June 8).