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2 Months Down 2 More Til We Go!

Drew and I have found ourselves joking and laughing a lot about how life has got to slow down at some point, right? As we started the new year we were looking forward to life seeming to have slowed down a bit. Ha! Well then February 17th came; that was the day we first heard of Reece's Rainbow through a friend while sitting in the waiting room of Hudson's (our youngest son) PT office.

Now just two months later we are waiting on only a few documents before we send our dossier to Ukraine; hopefully this will happen next week! We are also waiting to hear from several grants and a couple different interest free loan places. Pray for good news! We anticipate traveling in late May to mid June. Realistically we still have about a $14,500 deficit for all our adoption expenses. Raising $25,000 in four months is not so easy for us, but it seems like no big deal for God, so I keep reminding myself of that when I start to get worried.

I have never mentioned this before, but with any adoption there is always a possibility that when we get to Ukraine, Kole will no longer be available to adopt. A couple people have asked us what we would do if that happened, all I can say is that we just don't know. We both sensed very overwhelmingly that Kole was who God wanted us to adopt, so we are praying and trusting that he is being kept safely at the orphanage til we can bring him home.

In the midst of the paperwork and planning we have tried to keep our usual family routine. Lane is having a difficult time anticipating another big change for our family. He tells us often that he can't wait for Kole to get here, so he can teach him all about trains and jump on the trampoline with him. But, Lane does not like change, at all, so he seems anxious and insecure about what all this means for him. He is not happy that Drew and I will be gone for a couple weeks. So, we are really making an effort to keep his usual schedule and to spend lots of quality time with him one on one. Pray for his heart to be at peace and for him to adjust quickly and positively to having another new brother.

Hudson has had some minor health concerns over the past few weeks. Long story short he is having his adenoids out and tubes put in his ears. We are awaiting some results from his cardiologist so he can be cleared for another surgery. But he will probably have surgery within the next few weeks. Pray for us to not be anxious, pray that everything goes perfectly, and pray that the surgery brings about the results we are hoping for.

Though the past couple months have been stressful at times, God has taught us so much! It's been fun and exciting anticipating having another little guy running around the house. We learned to cut out some time and money wasters to make more time for simply spending time as a family. God is good and gracious!

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Adoption Benefit Concert

If you are in the Greenville, SC area come on out for a night of stellar music!

Adoption Update

Everything is going fairly smoothly and quickly with Nikolai's adoption. We completed our homestudy and were recommended for adopting Nikolai. We mailed what is called our "Child Specific Petition" to Ukraine requesting to visit and then adopt Nikolai. We are awaiting approval from USCIS (immigration) to give us an appointment in Atlanta so we can be fingerprinted and have background checks done on an international level.

Please pray that USCIS moves quickly and approves our application to adopt Nikolai. We have completed ALL other paperwork, so they are the one thing that could greatly delay this process. Once we receive our approval from them, we can submit the rest of our paperwork to Ukraine.

Please pray that Nikolai will be held at the orphanage and not transferred to a mental institute. The week we sent in our commitment to adopt him, he was scheduled to be transferred, but we were told that the Director of the orphanage agreed to keep him there. We are in communication with a facilitator in Ukraine and trying to ensure that he will indeed be kept at the orphanage for us.

God has continued to provide in many ways for us. Various friends and even some we don't know have given nearly $4000 toward Nikolai's adoption. Our home study agency is also a licensed international adoption agency and is acting as our adoption agency at NO CHARGE to us. This saves us thousands of dollars and also enables us to apply for several adoption grants which require that we adopt through an agency, not just a facilitator.

For those of you in the Greenville, SC area...our friends Jason and Joanna Bursch are giving a benefit concert for Nikolai's adoption. The concert is May 7, at 7:30pm at the North Hills Community Church - Community Cafe.

After much debating and discussion we have decided to name Nikolai "Kole". There is still much debating going on over a middle name :). Kole turns 6 this week on April 7. We wish so badly that we could be together for his birthday, and are looking forward to having a big party for him after he is home!

We covet your prayers and we are so thankful for the many emails and notes we have received encouraging us as we go through this process.

Grace and Peace,
Drew, Kam, Lane, Hudson and Kole Miles