What "They" Can't Tell You

Often, I'd say several times a year, I get an email or Facebook message from a friend telling me that one of their friends just found out they're unborn or newborn child has Down Syndrome. Then they ask me if I would reach out to them, or can they give their friend my contact info. "Yes!" I always say "Yes!" Here's why...When I was 13 weeks pregnant with Hudson we were told that he would never make it to 20 weeks and that he appeared to have Trisomy 13. When I was 21 weeks pregnant we found out that the Doctor was wrong, Hudson was still growing and he had Down Syndrome. Immediately, the Dr. mentioned abortion, genetic counseling, and a slew of potential problems our son would face. When we met with a genetic counselor, she too talked mostly about all the health problems and difficulties Hudson would face if we decided to continue his life and give birth. It felt like we were bombarded with negativity.  Although my heart was full of hope, even joy over the upcoming birth of our sweet Hudson. We didn't know anyone with a child with Down Syndrome. We didn't have anyone to connect with, to tell us all the wonderful things about having a child with Down Syndrome. So I want to take this chance to tell you what "they", those tests, Doctors, Counselors,  those party-poopers can't tell you.

They can't tell you that when you hold your baby in your arms he will melt your heart. That he will look at you with those beautiful eyes, and just like any other baby, he will own your soul. He will make you see beauty in places you never before noticed. He will teach you what determination means, what hard work is as he takes his first steps or conquers the ladder to the playground slide. His laugh will make the worst of days better. When he talks, you will hang on his every word, because the sound of him speaking is the sound of victory. He will take you by the hand, ask you to dance, and you'll have to stop whatever you're doing because he's just to cute to say, "No" to. He will love you unconditionally. You will love him unconditionally. His zeal for life will be contagious. He will make you see people differently, in a new light. He will make you want to be a better person. He will make you a better person. No "test" can predict the joy he will bring into your family. There is so much "they" can't tell you about being the parent of a child with Down Syndrome, but as Hudson and Kole's Mom, I can.


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Thank you for this encouragement.

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